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5 Tips on what to do when you are always so busy


1. Prioritize your time on different tasks

Schedule your tasks! Maybe do one thing first, finish it, then do the other. Another way is to do a different task each hour.


2. Organization is key!

If you are dealing with papers, make sure everything is together. Filing helps also! If you’re preferred way is to have it all on a computer, organize it by creating documents and specific folders for each.


3. Write everything down!
Always keep notes. New things come and go. Your head is only capable of remembering 1 task at a time. It’s hard to multitask and have it all in your head. Make sure you keep notes to remember. Write it down or put it in your phone to remind you!


4. Don’t be afraid to ask for some help
​If you know someone is capable of doing what you need to be done, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It doesn’t hurt to have a helping hand. That’s what friends are for!


5. Take a breather.

Your health is important. Physically and emotionally. Sometimes you just need to take a 30-minute nap instead of stressing out 24/7! Remember to also fit in eating and remember to eat a wholesome lunch and dinner, NOT eating junk-food all the time to conquer your hunger.










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