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How to host a playoff game viewing party

It’s playoff season and what a way to be green, without even knowing it, by having all your friends together watching one screen! See, compare one screen 10 friends to 10 friends all watch individually on 10 screens…see what I mean? But then it does get to you like “oh my gosh. I’m going to have a number of people over at my house, NOW WHAT?” So, to help you out here’s some tips on how to host a playoff game party


1. The food has to be good!
You will be dealing with hungry fans! If you aren’t up for the challenge to cook for hungry fans, the easy route is to get a veggie platter, some Healthy Crunch Kale Chips and then make it a full-on potluck!


2. Wear team gear!

It’s a must even with the family dogs and also your car! The team colours may just pass but you need to show off more of who you are cheering on for since there are teams who have similar team colours. Unless you’re like THOSE fans who wear two different team shirts on top of the other of teams you’re cheering for based on who’s winning or advancing.


3.  Make sure you have liquids.

If you have food, you need drinks. Stay hydrated. You never know what is going to happen. Our favourite drink that goes so well with our kale chips is kombucha! Drink whatever to your fancy, stay hydrated and no matter what, please drink responsibility!


4. Do playoff brackets.

Adds more suspense if you have people going for one team and other people going for another.


5.  Stress ball.

Like said before, you never know what will happen. Sometimes refs call things that are hard to believe or it’s down to 20 seconds and your team is down 2 points.


6. If everything fails, find a bar or restaurant.

Power outage, your tv isn’t working, no one else has the channel, find a bar/restaurant QUICK.

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