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Meet the Team: Nick Rivait


Nick is the  Marketing and Operations Manager at the Healthy Crunch Company. Here’s a fun Q/A with him.


1) How did you start working at the Healthy Crunch Company?

Julie found me in Staples at Sherway Gardens during my underground and recruited me to help setup Healthy Crunch’s IT and Social Media.  Over the past 3 years it slowly grew into the role it is now.


2) What is your favourite kale chip flavour?

Say Cheeze


3) What is your favourite thing to do at work?

Get to know all the staff, interact with them, help them excel at their job. 


4) Any pets?

Yes, 2 dogs!


5) If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you have with you?

Solar Panel, a dehydration system to make water, electronic device


6) What is your favourite restaurant?



7) Currently listening to?

Apple Music’s New Must Now Playlist


8) Favourite movie or movies?

Anything Pixar, Marvel or Disney


9) Guilty Pleasure?

Wine, Cars and Shopping


10) Dead or alive, name 5 people you would like to have at a dinner party?

Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney

Extra: Anne Frank


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