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5 Ways to Help You Through Canada’s Second Winter

If you haven’t realized yet, it’s still not time to put away the winter jacket. They say it’s spring time, but it's still winter temperatures outside here in Ontario. You may have a found a jacket that’s perfect for the in-between but it just doesn’t cut it. You wake up everyday hoping to wear less layers, but today isn’t that day. Here are 5 ways to help you get through Canada’s Second Winter


1. Don’t have high expectations on the weather

Just deal with it. Just cause it’s April doesn’t ALWAYS mean it’s time for Spring jackets or time to layer down. Relax, embrace it. 

2. Double up on Superfoods and your greens

Superfoods and greens boost your immune system helping you to not get sick. 


3. Warm up by being active.

 Ever think about hot yoga? It’s always hot inside a great hot yoga class that will make you feel like it’s summer. 

4. Don’t put away the coat! 

You’re definitely going to need your winter coat. Even if it may just be getting warmer by a bit, that winter coat will keep you warmer than expected. You’ll thank us later.

5. Just go away. Go on a vacation

The beach is calling you! This is probably the least realistic tip but it's obvious! If you’re just so sick of this crazy weather, maybe it’s best for you to go on a well deserving vacation. If you do go and they ask why, it sounds awesome to just say “the weather sucks”. 

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