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How to Survive Easter as a Vegan

Being a vegan could be a difficult time when it comes to Holidays since most traditional holidays aren’t that vegan friendly. Here are some tips for navigating the holiday season while being a vegan in a non-vegan gathering. 

1)    Ask your Family to substitute Butter with Vegan Butter
While butter is made out of cow’s milk, vegan butter substitutes cow’s milk with palm oil-free and non-dairy milks such as soy milk, almond milk or even hemp milk.

2)    Bring in your own Vegan Dish or Dishes to your Easter Gathering.
At least you know for yourself that you will be able to at least one dish at the Easter gathering.

3)    Bake Easter Deserts using Egg Alternatives.
Just a great suggestion to help fulfill your sweet tooth after your big Easter meal. If someone you know is baking the sweets and is stuck on figuring out what to switch out eggs for, search it up online. Here’s a great link that guides you through the different egg alternatives for various sorts of baking. Click here for some alternatives

4)    Buy more Vegan Friendly Chocolates and Treats.
Use non-dairy chocolates or vegan lollipops for the Easter egg hunt. It’s a bit easier now to find vegan friendly sweets and treats. Did you know that Cadbury has a vegan version of their Cadbury eggs?


EggNots are 100% vegan eggs made with ceramic, so it feels like real eggs, but no chickens were harmed in the making of these eggs.

6)    Let your voice be heard! 
Make sure you let people know that you have dietary restrictions or else you will be very limited to the foods served at your Easter dinner. Don’t be shy to let people know you are vegan and can’t eat certain traditional Easter dishes.

7)    If you are up for it, Host it yourself!
If you’re feeling a bit worried about being limited or being out of your comfort zone, host it yourself. Not only will you be creating a dinner that you know you can eat but you’ll be feeding a bunch of hungry people vegan food who will probably change their minds on vegan foods.


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