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Being a vegan could be a difficult time when it comes to Holidays since most traditional holidays aren’t that vegan friendly. Here are some tips for navigating the holiday season while being a vegan in a non-vegan gathering. 

1)    Ask your Family to substitute Butter w...

It’s hard to find a way to start being more active especially when you’re so used to working a 9-5, or when you’re used to telling Netflix that yes, you are still watching. You need to start somewhere right?
So, here are some little ways to start becoming more active t...

Is Coconut a nut or is it not?

Did you know that in the United States, they consider coconut a tree-nut? So, if you buy any form of coconut snack with an allergen statement saying it’s ‘tree-nut free’ in Canada, you won’t see that allergen statement on that snack in t...

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